What We Do

Work Groups

Our Committee is split into several smaller work groups to enable the Committee to function in a much more dynamic and effective way. Each Work Group meets separately, attends webinars and meetings related to their agenda, and discusses issues that need further attention. Each Work Group's findings are then presented to the Committee. Below you will find the latest news and information from each Work Group.


These are all issues and campaigns that the Committee is working on currently. We are actively engaging and working with BECTU to make sure we get the best deals possible for us as the Art Department. Our Committee members either attend deal negotiations talks in person, or at this time we are now much more often asked to submit our opinion online and to attend Zoom workshops on certain issues. Below you will find the latest updates on all campaigns and deal negotiations.

About us

Over the last year, our Committee has undergone a transformation in terms of it's structure. This has helped us to distribute the workload in more efficient way and to organise ourselves in more coherent way to advocate for issues that are important to our membership. Below you will find who is on the Committee and how it is structured, and information about Annual General Meetings (AGMs).