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  • To get all current information on new HMRC guideline and latest developments

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If you are currently unemployed, you can join at a reduced rate of £5 per month.


What it's like to be part of the Union from Art Department Branch Members

'I joined BECTU to feel connected to colleagues and be able to work together on issues that are important to me including the value of low budget and indie filmmaking, accessibility into the industry and fairness of opportunity.'

'I joined BECTU many years ago because I believe that with collective action, mutual support, representation and inclusiveness we can constantly improve our working conditions.'

'Freelancing can be incredibly isolating. The Union not only gives us a collective voice but ultimately empowers a community of friends and colleagues.'

'I wanted to have a 'safety net' and place/people to back me if anything were to go very wrong at work.'

'I joined BECTU as I feel the only way to implement change is to be a part of it and I feel we need to band together in order to enact that. I want to be involved in the discussions around working hours, the rate card, mental health and equal opportunity as these are the things which affect us all and need updating in the industry.'

'There is so much confusion about our rights, regulations, and common problems for employees in a freelance workforce such as this, and BECTU keeps me informed.'