What is BECTU?

BECTU is the the Broadcasting, Entertainment, Communications and Theatre Union. We represent over 40,000 staff, contract and freelance workers in the media and entertainment industries.

What is a trade union?

Trade unions are organisations made up of members who come together to look after their interests at work.

The members, usually made up of employees or workers, collectively negotiate with their employers over issues such as pay, health and safety, and terms and conditions such as maternity leave, holiday entitlement or sick pay.

Why should I become a member?

  • To get all current information on new HMRC guidelines and developments

  • To get assistance with problems at work

  • To qualify for discounts on public liability insurance

  • We can also help you with things outside of work – as a member you get exclusive access to financial and legal services, discounts on your energy bills, as well as a range of lifestyle benefits.

To learn more visit BECTU website.

What can the Art Department branch do for me?

At BECTU, we advise, defend and support members if they have a problem at work. We also:

  • negotiate pay and conditions with employers

  • campaign for jobs and standards

  • facilitate freelance members to organise across the industry on rates and agreements

  • offer valuable benefits and services

  • networking events and career development opportunities

We negotiate with employers across the creative industries, not just on pay and conditions, but on a range of issues that affect our members’ working lives: career development, contracts of employment, hours, leave, maternity, pensions, and bullying and harassment.

What can I do to help the Art Department branch?

Help campaign for fair representation, equal opportunities and better working practices in your industry and make a difference.

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