News: In January, we held an Art Department Covid-19 Advice and Wellbeing webinar. To see the video of the webinar, click below.

All information below is tailored and/or relevant to our branch, however if you require more info please visit BECTU Coronavirus Hub.

Getting Back To Work

Whilst productions are beginning to start back, your safety is paramount, and therefore we must stress that we do not support return to work if there are no guidelines or safety measures in place to facilitate the safest possible working environment. Such measures and protocols need to be in place to prevent individuals from harm and to avoid setting the film industry back even further if productions have to be closed down once again.

Before starting work ask for the following information:

  • What Covid-19 safety measures are being put in place by the Production and to receive a copy of these via email before starting, including a Covid-19 Risk Assessment

  • Check who the Covid-19 H&S Supervisor or H&S Officer is, as there should be one

Recovery Plan

For many months now, BECTU has been working on very detailed guidance about exactly what our definition of safe-working practices will be in returning to work whilst social distancing measures are still required. Covid-19 Return To Work Safely document, driven initially by the AD Branch and contributed to by the other LPD branches is available to view by clicking on the button below. The whole Art Department Committee has been very active in contributing to this document for the Art Department sections. This is an evolving document, so please email us if you have any suggestions or comments.

Additionally, the British Film Commission ran a consultation process with industry stakeholders to write a film & TV industry ‘Covid-19 Safety Manual’. BECTU is represented on the BFC working group which means the union has had a significant contribution to this process.

The BFC have used the submissions it received (including BECTU) to produce a draft ‘Code of Practice’, which came back to us for comment on the 5th May. Our Committee edited the draft in several meetings before re-submitting it to the BFC on the 15th May. The Code of Practice has been checked by the Health & Safety Executive before being submitted to the Department of Culture, Media & Sport for publication. The published guidance can now be viewed using the link below.

Spencer MacDonald (BECTU National Secretary) states that BECTU will always support members’ legal right to refuse to work if safety guidelines and conditions are not met. Read his statement here.