The Current version of the Bectu Art Department Sustainability Document

Who we are and what we do

The Sustainability work group recognises that our industry has an impact on the environment and now more than ever before we have a responsibility to ensure we try to limit this impact. We need to make better choices within the art department, alongside productions and studios as a whole. In the Art Department branch of BECTU we have created a new sub-committee for Environment and Sustainability issues.

We have created a three-prong strategy for how we can best tackle reducing our industry impact to reach net zero.

  • Our BRANCH level strategy: understanding the specific environmental issues that our Art Department members experience in their daily working practices and offering resources to help bring about change within the Art Department.

  • Our INDUSTRY level strategy: a cross branch approach to bringing about systemic change across industry. This includes working with industry specific environmental agencies such as BAFTA Albert, PACT, APA and Cut It. We will also be encouraging our suppliers to transition to processes with reduced carbon and material waste impact.

  • Our SOCIETAL level strategy: feeding back to society and our government with our industry specific findings.

If you have an interest in the work that we’re doing, or ideas and resources to help aid our commitment to bringing about change in industry, then, please, get in touch!