Junior Grades

Young Members & JGSDC

The BECTU Young Members Forum brings together Junior Grade members from all the BECTU branches, including London Production Division and Regional Production Division. It is an avenue for frank and open discussion on industry related issues affecting Junior Grades.

The BECTU Young Members Forum (YMF) is a cross-divisional group where all members under the age of 36 are automatically joined. The purpose of the forum is to unite young workers from across the sector of BECTU, enabling them to share campaign priorities, support each other in fighting issues within their workplaces, and to create networks and career opportunities. The YMF has an Annual General Meeting (AGM) which takes place once a year and where a committee is formed. The Young Members Committee (YMC) has representatives from each of Bectu's five divisions and it guides the priorities of the YMF. Reps from the YMC are selected each year to attend the Trades Union Congress (TUC) Young Workers Conference, where they represent all young members in BECTU at a national level.

The Art Department branch work group has been part of BECTU Young Members Forum since 2019.

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London Production Division Junior Grades Subcommittee (JGS)

Recently through the long campaigning of the Art Department branch Committee Junior Grade work group, the union have now created a Subcommittee which allows Junior Grades from across all branches to come together to talk about issues openly. These are often interlinked and speak to more complex issues, stigmas and poor management within the industry as a whole. This channel can feed back directly to the union and the Art Department Branch Committee, and help push the agenda and encourage action from the union to better support and protect the Junior Grades.

Two reps from each branch of the London Production Division are elected onto the Subcommittee, and they represent the Junior Grades members within their branch. The JGS was set up to give members an opportunity to develop strategies to solve problems uniquely affecting the Junior Grades in the TV and Film area of the BECTU sector.