Junior Grades

What we do

Welfare of Workers is our mission statement for our work group for the year 2020/2021.

After many meetings and discussion we all agreed that issues such as promoting great workplace practices, improving workplace culture and helping to support anyone who feels that they are being put at risk or being treated unfairly are at the heart of our work group. We believe this is critical in the support of the Junior Grades who are most at risk from bullying or manipulative work places and practices. This is especially important now in the current climate of COVID-19, which poses particular problems for Junior Grades, even with the back to work document in place. In our work group we all know how hard it can be to speak up at times when you think you are being treated unfairly.

We aim to work closely with Safety & Welfare work group to advocate for the following:

  • To support and direct Junior Grades who are experiencing unfair treatment to Bectu representatives for help and support.

  • To establish a line of communication between the Junior Grades membership and the Art Department Branch Committee, helping with support or advice on any issues.

  • Training, negotiating rates and responsibilities, London living wage for Junior Grades, women in industry / futures in industry, bullying and sexual harassment in the work place.

London Production Division Junior Grades Subcommittee (JGS)

Recently through the long campaigning of the Art Department branch Committee Junior Grade work group, the union have now created a Subcommittee which allows Junior Grades from across all branches to come together to talk about issues openly. These are often interlinked and speak to more complex issues, stigmas and poor management within the industry as a whole. This channel can feed back directly to the union and the Art Department Branch Committee, and help push the agenda and encourage action from the union to better support and protect the Junior Grades.

Two reps from each branch of the London Production Division are elected onto the Subcommittee, and they represent the Junior Grades members within their branch. The JGS was set up to give members an opportunity to develop strategies to solve problems uniquely affecting the Junior Grades in the TV and Film area of the Bectu sector.