Junior Grades

Contact & Support

Contact Us

As the Junior Grades work group, we understand that it can be difficult to reach out if you are in need of contact or support. We have created a specific email address which goes directly to us, in case you need a safe space to talk about the industry. We know how tough some situations can be, always know that this is a space where you can share openly and anonymity will be respected. This inbox is monitored by Junior Grades work group members only.


If you are need of urgent support, please contact the Film and TV Charity on 0800 054 0000 to access their 24 hour support line. They also have a chat function on their website.

For further support networks, please take a look at our Safety and Welfare mental health page.

Get Involved

If you have ideas to share with us, want to have your opinion heard, or think there is something particular we should be focusing on, please get in touch via our email address.

If you would like to get more involved and join the Junior Grades work group, you can be co-opted into the Committee at any point during the year. Please send us an email and we will pass it on to the wider Committee.