TV Negotiations

The TV Drama Agreement 2017


The current TV Drama agreement came into effect from 1st December 2017. The groundbreaking agreement was created to broadly codify the way we work and are paid in TV drama. It included many improvements, including the issuing of a 'deal memo' at the start of work, and the standardisation of many terms such as Continuous Working day which were previously open to interpretation between different productions.

What about other TV production?

Consultation to introduce a similar agreement that would also cover all BBC series and serials is currently delayed due to the COVID-19 crisis, but is an area BECTU are looking into. There could be the potential to see if this can be expanded to other areas such as comedy and factual if it was supported by enough branches.

How do I get involved?

Dates and details of the next set of negotiations for the agreement are still unknown, but we'll be in touch as soon as we have them. If you are active in TV drama and have suggestions about how the contractual terms and conditions can be improved please make sure you get involved with the 'New Deal' campaign in the mean time.

As part of the 'New Deal' discussions, BECTU will be consulting members on what they would like to see as industry practices going forward. Ideas from these consultations could, with enough member support, be incorporated in future agreements which would set new levels of working standards for us all, so make sure to get involved!

Tell us about your experiences

There are 3 massive issues on TV productions and we want to hear your side of story.

1. Long, unsustainable hours

2. Having to do prep and wrap (Art Dept should not be doing prep and wrap!)

3. Low rates (most recently on Apple, Amazon and Sky productions who have not followed the 2020 rate card)

Let us know your thoughts on these by filling in the form linked below.