Low Budget Action Plan

Who we are and what we do

Low Budget Action Plan work group is formed of committee members working across various roles and budget sizes. Shows ranging from passion projects, micro budget and under 8.5million low budget up to, and including £30million dramas and films. When considering the ‘low budget’ bracket, there are vast differences in wages, responsibilities, and approaches to film/tv making between these jobs, that often get blanketed as one category, with little individual consideration to the unique structures in lower budget productions.

We want to work towards a clearer definition of different “brackets” within the low budget spectrum. As an extension of this aim, we also want to promote and further define the variety of skills developed on lower budget productions outside the traditional parameters of the named roles. Leading to positive change over the perception of their value in the wider industry.

What we aim to achieve

  • New brackets below £8.5mil in the New Deal, to more accurately represent the requirements of lower budget levels eg. <£1mil and <£2mil

  • Discussion and promotion around the benefits of utilising transferable skills in sidestepping roles from low budget to MMP and vice versa

  • Discussion and research into how low budget projects are a non bias entry to the industry for underrepresented groups, due to more transparent hiring practices

Ways we can achieve our goals

  • Collaboration with Camera Branch etc. in developing the “Low Budget Action Plan” document

  • Discussion with producers working on low budget projects to gauge their perspective

  • Develop a visual diagram of roles skills breakdown eg. Art Director, Drawing v Project Mangagement v Budgeting

  • Create a low budget version of MMP line of responsibility charts

Download the Low Budget Guidelines Here

To get in touch with any comments or suggestions for inclusion please email mayjdavies@gmail.com